Providing Cycling lessons in London

Be Cycling Proficient

Due to the Winter National Lockdown we are currently unable to offer any training. Please click


to join the list for FREE cycle training as soon as the situation allows.

Bicycle lessons for adults in London. Learn to cycle with us. 

If you live anywhere  in London please select the borough where you live, work or study. If your borough is not amongst the list, we are unable to offer a lesson.

Over the current period we will be unable to offer our normal service.  

Please continue to request a lesson. We will contact you to confirm if we can provide the service during the lockdown. If we cannot then we will be able to provide the service after the lockdown.

Want to cycle to work?

Want to be accompanied for the first trip?

Want to Cycle as a family?

We are offering:

Cycle lessons in various boroughs in London. Select the appropriate booking form

We provide a qualified Cycling Instructor for individuals and families. We encourage parent's to attend the lesson with their children.

Children must be 9 years of age and above, to cycle on road.
An instructor will contact you to arrange the lesson and discuss what you require from the lesson.
If you live in Ealing, can cycle but need more practice controlling your bike, and have never ridden on road, please complete our group booking form.

To book a lesson please complete the appropriate booking form
These lessons are all about increasing your confidence when on the road.

If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us, please select contact us

We cannot provide a helmet but we can provide bicycles at certain locations, see form.

Your instructor cannot take you out on the road if you do not have a roadworthy bicycle.