Work with us

We can offer cycling instructors work in the following areas:


Haringey training children in schools and adults to cycle
Croydon children in schools and adults to cycle
Brent training children in schools to cycle
Tower Hamlets training children in schools

Interested? then complete the application form:




Please read our Terms and Conditions. If you accept work from us then you have agreed to these T&Cs. Read here

 If you live too far away to work in these areas then we can offer you an addition service. We will provide you with private cycling lessons for adults. If we cannot offer the person a free lesson then we will offer to put them in contact with their local cycling instructor. You will then charge them for the lesson and we do not make a charge for this service. If you work in London as a cycling instructor then complete the application form and take advantage of this service.


To provide private cycle lessons you must have your own cycling provider insurance. 

Train to be a Cycling Instructor

In addition, we can train you to become a cycling instructor. If you are interested please complete the application form.  We will send you dates of the Instructor Training courses we are running in London.