Tower Hamlets Cycle Training

Cycling Instructor Ltd provide the following free Cycling services in Tower Hamlets:

  • School courses
  • Holiday courses for children
  • Cycle Training for the school community including adult lessons

School Courses

To request a course please contact us

Phone 0845 652 0421 option 1

   Bicycle lessons

We provide free bicycles and helmets for the children to use on the course. schools are given 4 bicycles to keep after the course ends.

What each level provides  


Bikeability courses for schools

Pre-course assessment of cycling skills session to determine if can progress to a level 1 & 2 course.

Level 0: Lessons for children who cannot cycle without support.

Level 1 & 2:  One level 1 lesson in the playground and three level 2 lessons on the road. For year 5, 6 and 7. We also offer an additional day for enhanced on-road cycling for those who have attained level 2. 

Level 3:  One level 3 lesson on road for school year 8 and up.

Holiday courses for children

These are the same course as for a school but they are for any child in the borough. If you wish your child to take part in a Bikeability cycle training course please select a date from the list and complete the form.

Details of courses

Level 1 is for trainees who can cycle unsupported to learn how to control their bicycles off road

Level 2 is for trainees who can cycle and want to learn how to deal with traffic on short journeys. Level 1 skills are required 
Level 3 equips trainees with skills for more challenging roads and traffic situations. Level 2 skills are required 
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