Details of Holiday courses

The Half Term & Holiday courses are the same as the regular Cycling Courses runs at school during term time.
Bikeability Level 1 and 2 
Suitable for children in school years 5 and above (9 years old and above)
Participants gain the skills and confidence to make an on road journey to and from school using quiet roads.
It uses an incremental training scheme based on the levels established by the National Standard for Cycle Training and is as realistic as possible.
The course uses combinations of demonstration, drills and games to impart and embed the required knowledge and skills.
When ready, trainees cycle on road accompanied by the Instructors to the various drill sites and learn how to interact with other road users in a safe and responsible manner.
The course is fun and enjoyable.
Trainees must be able to cycle unaided
Trainees must attend, every day the course runs.  Training is incremental and sequential.  If trainees do not attend one session, they may not be able to take part in following sessions. 
Trainees must have their own bikes
Bikes must be in a roadworthy condition
Helmets are worn at parents discretion
The helmet should conform to BS BS EN 1078:1997. Full face helmets designed for BMX riding are not acceptable as they restrict the riders’ ability to look behind them properly.
We supply Hi – Viz tops which must be returned at the end of the course
We require good behaviour from all trainees.  If instructors believe a trainee may be a danger to themselves or the group, the instructor may exclude the trainee from the course.  The Instructors’ decision is final.
Courses are free.  Paid for by your Council.
If a course has to be cancelled, we will contact you by telephone.  Please make sure you put a mobile phone number on your consent/booking form.
What to wear
Trainees need to be appropriately dressed for the weather that day.
Consent Forms
All trainees must have a consent form signed by a parent or guardian to participant in training.  This is not negotiable.  It is a requirement of the Council.  No consent form, no training.
This course and Cycling Instructor Ltd is Bikeability accredited. 
Trainees will receive a printed certificate and badge.  These are posted to your home address, after the course is completed.  Please ensure your address is on the consent form and is easy to read. 
Unless trainees attend every session of the course, it is unlikely they will achieve the level needed to receive an award.
What you need to do.
Complete the attached Consent and Booking forms and return to us, using the contact details below, by Email or Fax.

F.             0207 691 9759