Bikeability Bicycle Training in Croydon

We provide the following free Bikeability Cycling services in Croydon:

  • Individual Bicycle lessons: Urban and advanced cycle skills
  • Adult group Bicycle sessions
  • School Bicycle courses
  • Holiday Cycling courses for children
  • Scooter and Balance courses.

Individual lessons   

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Cannot ride a bicycle, Urban and advanced cycle skills

9 years and above, must live, work or study in the borough. The instructor will provide a lesson tailored to your requirements, at a mutually convenient date, time and location.
If you require a family group lesson, please add the details and other names in the further information box.

Adult Group Sessions

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Cycling for Health Sessions

These sessions are designed to help Croydon residents improve general fitness and wellbeing. All abilities and fitness levels are catered for.

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These are for adults who prefer to learn in a group with people of a similar level of cycling ability. You can select your prefered dates on the booking form.

Contact us If no courses are available.

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School Bikeability courses

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We provide free courses for pupils in school years 3 and above. Years 3 and 4 are taught bike control skills in the playground. For school year 5 and above, the training takes place on quiet roads to practice and introduce safe road cycling. Our standard course is a Level 1 and 2 Bikeability course. Children successfully completing the Level 1 and 2 course are issued with a bikeability badge, certificate, cycle helmet and a Hi-Viz tabard.

Holiday courses for children

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These are available to children who live or study in the borough and can cycle.  For children who cannot cycle please select an individual lesson above.

Details of courses

Level 1 is for trainees who can cycle unsupported to learn how to control their bicycles off road. Ideal for children in school years 3 & 4

Level 2 is for trainees who can cycle and want to learn how to deal with traffic on short journeys. Level 1 skills are required 
Level 3 equips trainees with skills for more challenging roads and traffic situations. Level 2 skills are required 
scooter courses

Scooter and Balance courses

scooter courses

The scooter training is for children in years 1 and 2 and the Balance training is for Reception.

For details of what we provide please select the details button.

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Description of Bikeability courses

What each level provides: