Children's Holiday Courses


We provide free holiday cycling courses for children.

Course offered inculde

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Learn to Ride/ Beginners  
Level 1 Bikeabiltiy (children that can ride a bike, but not with one hand)  
Level 2 Bikeability (children that can ride a bike with one hand)  

Free Adult Cycle Training 

Free adult cycle training is run for all levels;

Learn to Ride (beginners)

Level 1 (Learning to control the bike effectively)

Level 2 (Introduction to Quiet Roads)

Level 3 (Introduction to busier Roads)

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What is the Camden Community Cycling Programme?

The CCCP focuses on cycling as a mode of transport and supports participants to use bikes for everyday journeys by overcoming common barriers to regular cycle use.

A key feature of the programme is making cycle skills more accessible by making it as easy as possible to take part. Historically this programme has been delivered ‘in-house’ by Camden but Cycling Instructor Ltd have been asked to deliver this service. The aim is to embed the habit of active travel at a young age, giving the maximum possible benefit in terms of years of active travel.

The programme also allows us to access groups that might otherwise be unlikely to take up active travel patterns by giving us access to family members through the children that are the core participants of the programme.

The CCP will provide opportunities for individuals and community groups to access cycle training, with a specific focus on council estates and areas of high deprivation in Camden. Therefore, the scheme is open to anyone who is resident in the London Borough of Camden.

Activities will focus on supporting those wishing to travel more often by bike. The programme will consist of a year-round (with up to a two-month break for the winter) weekly programme of cycle training sessions in areas of in Camden, consisting of a minimum of two sessions per week.

To attend these sessions just turn up at the following locations:

St Pancras or Cumberland Market

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